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Election Integrity Alliance

Advancing electoral integrity state-by-state.

The Election Integrity Alliance supports state election integrity organizations working to increase transparency and accountability of elections. The EIA helps designated state affiliates with advisory and financial support while identifying and cataloging the best practices of election administrators and the most effective state laws.

We adhere to four core principles promoting election integrity and transparency


Who can vote: We support open and transparent voter rolls in order to encourage public oversight of elections.  While some states (NC, FL, and OH) provide public voter records at no cost,  other states (VA, WI, AL) make acquiring the voter file prohibitively expensive.


Who did vote: We urge state officials to release an accurate list of who voted prior to an election being certified.  By releasing the list after certification, it provides little help for campaigns in search of ineligible and possibly illegal voters.


How the votes are counted: We support complete transparency in the process of counting the ballots and we strongly oppose having votes being counted in private.


Ballot chain of custody: We support full accountability from the time ballots are marked to the time the election is certified.  Elections should not swing during a recount from one party to another due to incompetent ballot handling procedures.

In order for interested persons to become State Affiliates of EIA, their board must support policies that advance these core principles. Endorsing policies that weaken transparency in those areas is grounds for expulsion. Other stipulations for State Affiliates are still being ratified. Please fill out a contact form if you help clean up the electoral process in your state.

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